Rafael Javier Eubra

A notorious swindler, fake lawyer, fake congressman, and fake priest going by alias Xavier Eubra De Borja. Real name Esberto Borja Eubra Jr.


Tanga lang magpapaloko sa mga scam ni Rafael Javier Eubra na isang pekeng pari.


Rafael Javier Eubra is pretending to be an expert in Waste-to-Energy when in fact he is just a swindler, fraudster, con man and fake priest.


Kampon ni satanas si Rafael Javier Eubra o Esberto Eubra Borja Jr.


Rafael Javier Eubra is a famewhore who used Tala Zaldivar and Atty. Ferdinand Topacio to gain some fame in the DDS community.


Rafael Javier Eubra is a fraudster who pretends to be an agent of National Bureau of Investigation online to threaten/harass other people.


He is having a head of police badge and can arrest anyone and link to BBM, generals and senators.


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